Energy efficient solid-state lighting

Expanding on our work on defect formation and interaction in transparent metal oxide
nanocrystals, we designed and prepared a new class of hybrid organic-inorganic white light
emitting nanostructures (NanoLite).

Spintronics and multiferroics

Our results in controlling spin and charge degree of freedom in individual semiconductor nanowires were applied to demonstrate the possibility of using nanowire networks for information processing.

Photocatalysis and environmental remediation

Our recent results on phase-and-defect-dependent electronic structure and properties of transparent metal oxide nanocrystals led to the development of photocatalysts for efficient air and water treatment.


The interaction between a plasmon and electronic or spin states in complex nanostructured systems has emerged as one of the fascinating topics that intertwines the fields of photonics, optoelectronics, and spintronics. Our interest in degenerately-doped semiconductor nanocrystals has largely been motivated by the potential for realizing and controlling exciton polarization induced by cyclotron motion of free charge carriers.